Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oracle BPEL console throws 'No domains accessible to the user logged in.'

A common issue that is faced in Oracle BPEL development phase by a developer is "No domains accessible to the user logged in." This might be due to several reasons which I will try to elaborate in this blog based on my past experience in resolving this issue.

Check 1:
First checkpoint where we can identify the detail of error description is checking the following log files;
Domain Log: $SOA_Home\bpel\domains\default\logs\domain.log ('default' is the default domain name)
- This log file will be created everytime the SOA service is started and will log any domain level startup issues
OPMN Log: $SOA_Home\opmn\logs\OC4J~oc4j_soa~default_group~1.log
- This log file will log all the BPEL process specific logs (creation/termination)
System Log: $SOA_Home\bpel\system\logs\orabpel.log
- System level logging is provided for infrastructure, AXIS, and WSIF issues

All these log files should give a clear picture about the error which might be causing this issue, based on which you can take necessary actions.

Check 2:
Check whether the database on top of which Oracle SOA suite was installed is up & running. If not, ensure the RDBMS listener is running & restart SOA service.

Check 3:
The Oracle SOA suite will be installed on top of a database (Oracle Lite/external Oracle DB), where three schemas would have been created during installation namely Orabpel, Oraesb, Orawsm. These schemas might have got corrupted (or) their passwords might have got changed which throws "No domains accessible to the user logged in." error in Oracle BPEL console. Ensure all 3 schemas are present in the database and their passwords are intact as specified in the datasources.xml/during installation and restart SOA service after corrections.

Check 4:
If any class files have been added in the SOA suite, ensure they are properly compiled and deployed @ $SOA_Home\bpel\system\classes.

Check 5:
If you have added any custom xpath functions for use in the BPEL process, you might have added entries in the $SOA_Home/bpel/system/config/xpath-functions.xml. Ensure that this file is well formed.

Check 6:
If you have deployed any BPEL process recently after which the Oracle BPEL console throws this error, there might be high chance for issues in the deployed BPEL process.
All deployed BPEL processes will be picked up from the following location. Take backup of the existing processes, delete all entries and then restart SOA service.
$SOA_Home\bpel\domains\default\tmp ('default' is the default domain name)

One or more of the above described checks should resolve this issue.


  1. I am having the same issue, but not quite able to resolve it yet. I am strongly suspecting the corrupted schema. Would it be ok , If I try to recreate just the orabpel schema rather than redoing the whole to create all the other schema's as well? All my other components in the suite working as expected. - Thanks for the blog very good information.

  2. If you have ensured that this occurs only due to the orabpel schema corruption, you can go ahead & execute the to re-create all the schemas. However, I strongly recommend you to look into the domain logs($SOA_Home\bpel\domains\default\logs) & oc4j_soa logs ($SOA_Home\j2ee\logs\oc4j_soa_default_group_1.xml) for any errors.

  3. you have a nice site. thanks for sharing this valuable resources. keep it up. anyway, various kinds of ebooks are available here

  4. It was really helpful :) thank you very much ...

  5. Hi,

    The post is very helpful and informative.

    We faced a similar error today.DB on which SOA Suite was installed was down and BPEL server could not connect to it.The only log which showed this connectivity error was 'SOA_HOME/j2ee/oc4j_soa/log/coreman.log'. Hope this piece of info is helpful to those who are able to trace the log error.

  6. Hi,

    Very nice post. I am facing the same issue now and followed your checks. None of the log files are updated given in your check 1. So what should I do?

    Where can I find the script to restart/start my database listeners? My server underwent one hard restart due to UPS malfunction.


  7. Venkat,

    I recommend you to check all of the above to find the actual cause. If none worked then I strongly insist you to raise an SR with Oracle support who would be able to help. FYI - Oracle SOA has moved on. We are now talking SOA :)

  8. hi admin..
    thanks for the info
    my domain.log show like this.
    <2022-11-29 14:24:15,600> default
    <2022-11-29 14:24:17,881> Uninitialized adaptors for platform 'ias_10g', datasource 'oracle'
    <2022-11-29 14:24:17,881> Uninitialized BPEL domain "default"
    <2022-11-29 14:24:17,881> Unloaded BPEL domain "default"

    what should i do. is there any method to reload the domain.?

    1. I strongly recommend you to raise an SR with oracle support. Oracle SOA has matured and come a long way and honestly it has been quite a few years since I saw the oc4j container:)