Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oracle BPEL HTTP Server Down after applying patch

We have encountered few issues while starting the oracle SOA suite after applying SOA patch The HTTP server was still down after the SOA suite restart.

On analyzing the HTTP_Server~1.log file available under $SOA_Home\opmn\logs, the following error was logged.

Syntax error on line 278 of $SOA_Home/apache/apache/conf/httpd.conf:Cannot load $SOA_Home/apache/apache/modules/apachemoduleossl.dll into server: (127) The specified procedure could not be found

This issue might occur if there are few DLL files pertaining to SSL missing or unavailable for the HTTP server start. If you are not using the SSL advantage, then the quick fix is to comment out the following sections of httpd.conf file (Key in # infront of the line to comment).

LoadModule ossl_module modules/ApacheModuleOSSL.DLL

# Include the SSL definitions and Virtual Host container

include "D:\product\\OracleAS_1\Apache\Apache\conf\ssl.conf"

Now, restart the Oracle SOA instance & the Http Server should run.


  1. Hi Satya,
    Please provide me, if you have working java code or ant script to deploy DVM. Thanks in advance.


  2. Hi Ram,
    I have posted a new article on Import DVM using Ant. Check out the following link

    Hope this helps!