Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Customizing BPEL Process Instance Titles

When there were several BPEL process instances getting created in the BPEL console, it often really becomes hard to identify a instance for tracking/debugging purposes. Since, all the BPEL process instances use a generic naming convention consisting of an unique instance id (sequence generated within Oracle BPEL PM) and the BPEL process name; all instances would hold the same name except for the change in instance id.

In order to give a valid instance name for the BPEL processes, you can make use of the setTitle(String str1); method inside a Java Embedding activity inside the BPEL process, which will ensure that the 'str1' parameter is set as the instance title for all instances created for this BPEL process. You can pass dynamic run-time parameters and customize the BPEL instance titles, so that the BPEL instances can be identified more uniquely in a business sense. This also enables easy & effective instance tracking from the BPEL console.