Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oracle ESB org.apache.slide.structure.ObjectNotFoundException

"org.apache.slide.structure.ObjectNotFoundException" exception is thrown in ESB console during runtime. This error occurs when ESB artifacts are developed on JDeveloper and moved from one workspace to another. The JDeveloper will not be able to eventually update the file locations in the related artifacts when the project is moved from one application/workspace to another.

Detailed Error Description: (As logged in ESB Error Trace)

Error occured while transforming payload using XSL "esb:///ESB_Projects/Application1_***/***.xsl". Reason : Could not load XSL transform into the cache for XSL/XSLT "esb:///ESB_Projects/Application1_***/***.xsl"! Reason : org.apache.slide.structure.ObjectNotFoundException: No object found at /files/ESB_Projects/Application1_***!

DO NOT move the ESB projects to a different JDeveloper workspace, as this is not supported by Oracle ESB (till

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  1. The solution is to open the ESB project in Jdeveloper, and then change the file names to remove esb:/// ...... and only keep the actual file name , for example ABC.XSL and not esb:///ESB_Projects...../ABC.XSL.