Friday, April 8, 2011

BEA-280101 Persistent File Store using Bufferd I/O

While installing the Oracle SOA suite 11g on a 64-bit environment (using a 64-bit JVM), 64-bit native server libraries are created automatically in the Middleware home. However, these may not get referenced during the SOA domain startup. As a result of this, you may encounter the following Weblogic 'Warning' message in the server logs. Although being a warning message that our intuition immediately asks to ignore, this particular warning makes us inquisitive as it threatens of a 'Significantly degraded performance'.

<BEA-280101> <The persistent file store "_WLS_xxxdomain" is forced to use buffered I/O and so may have significantly degraded performance. Either the OS/hardware environment does not support the chosen write policy or the native wlfileio library is missing. See store open log messages for the requested and final write policies. See the documentation on store synchronous write policy configuration for advice.>

To overcome this Weblogic warning, ensure that the generated 64-bit native libraries are referenced during server start-up.

Go to <Middleware_Home>\user_projects\domains\<SOA Domain>\bin\SetSOADomainEnv.cmd  (or if Linux) and add the -Djava.library.path to JAVA_OPTIONS as shown below;

set JAVA_OPTIONS=%JAVA_OPTIONS% -Djava.library.path=<Middleware_Home>\wlserver_10.3\server\native\win\x64 [Depending on whether your OS is Windows or Linux the path might slightly change]

After performing the above configuration, restart the server and Weblogic warning should now disappear.


  1. We had the same warning message popping up on weblogic startup; Tried various things (including solutionm mentioned above) but the problem persisted. We are using WL 10.3.4 on Solaris SPARC/x86 with 32 and 64 bit jvm. In the end, got below response from Oracle support:

    The above warning message is thrown when file system does not support "direct io" (UNIX O_DIRECT). The file store will automatically change the file io mode to "single-handle-buffered" (UNIX O_SYNC) and will still continue to use Direct-Write policy for its reads and writes. (the terms “Direct-Write” and “direct io” are not synonymous).
    In the future (most likely next release) we will suppress this warning message as this message is not appropriate for this kind of event. There is no action to be taken from your side on this warning message.

    So ignoring this for now.

  2. Hi,

    I have install WLS10.3.3 on Solaris x86 and not able to see wlfileio file on path


    Should i still ignore this warning?

    1. The library name might be slightly different. For example, on my system, the name appears to be ""

      I followed the instructions and the BEA-280101 warning message no longer appears.

  3. The instructions from Sathya worked for me. The BEA-280101 Warning message no longer appears in my logs when starting the Admin Console.