Friday, August 19, 2011

Portletize ADF Faces jspx page

In this post, let us see how to portletize an ADF 11g application. This post will demonstrate how to expose a ADF faces page as a JSR 168 standard portlet which can run within Oracle WebCenter portal.


Download JDev WebCenter Extension from the following link.

Go to Help -> Check for Updates -> Choose 'Install From Local File' option and select the downloaded webcenter framework bundle zip file for install

From your ADF application, expand the ViewController project, right click on the jspx ADF faces page which you want to portletize and choose 'Create Portlet Entry...'. In the resulting popup window, enter portlet name, display name, portlet title, short title, description and click OK. This action will generate a portlet deployment descriptor automatically for the page. You can portletize 1 or more pages of your ADF application under a single portlet deployment descriptor.

While deploying the ADF application, JDeveloper will prompt for confirmation whether the JSR 168 portlet producer has to be deployed. Press OK to confirm. We now have to identify the WSRP WSDL URL which will be used to register the portlet in WebCenter. Pick up the ADF application URL from the deployment log and enter the following in a browser window;


Click on the WSRP v2 link and copy the WSDL URL from the resulting screen.

Let us now register the portlet producer with WebCenter spaces. Follow the steps below to achieve this;

1. Login to EM console as weblogic
2. Expand WebCenter -> WebCenter Spaces -> webcenter( (WC_Spaces)
3. Choose 'Register Producer' from the WebCenter dropdown option
4. Under the 'Add New Portlet Producer' screen, choose producer type as 'WSRP Producer', enter a 'connection name' and provide the WSDL URL which we copied above earlier
5. Test the portlet producer and click OK

This will ensure that the registered portlet is now available as a portlet in WebCenter portal which can be used as required.


  1. Still I am getting Same Error .I am using ADF 11.1.2 And Weblogic 10.3...

    It is showing User-name while throwing this error

    Can u please Assist

  2. Hi narayana,

    I have not posted on any error in this blog. What error do you face exactly?