Friday, September 16, 2011

JDeveloper 11g: Error Finding SOA configured servers to deploy archive

While deploying a SOA composite in the SOA server, sometime the following error is encountered.

"Error finding SOA configured servers to deploy archive. Deployment cannot continue. java.lang.NullPointerException".

At first instinct, re-visiting the 'App Server Connection' and running the server connection tests in JDeveloper did not reveal any issues and all the test results were successful.

On closer observation, we can notice that proxy server settings are turned on in JDeveloper which is causing the issue during the actual SOA deployment. Disable the proxy settings Tools -> Preferences -> Web Browser and Proxy -> Uncheck 'Use HTTP Proxy Server' option.

Restart JDeveloper and deploy the SOA composite. Voila, it got deployed this time perfectly.


  1. We are facing the same issue , but when i checked the proxy settings its already unchecked.So please suggest me in this regard.

    Thanks in advance..

  2. Hi, There can be multiple reasons for this error where one of the primary cause cited above. Can you post the entire error stack detail to my email address ( I will try to respond.

  3. sathyam, Even i am also facing the same problem.. Please sugest the solution.

    oracle.rc.asadapter.connection.ConnectionException: Cannot establish connection.

  4. Sometimes proxy services when enabled cause this issue. Did you try to disable proxy as suggested in the post?

    1. Sathya,

      I too am facing same problem, proxy server has been disabled.
      Ensured Weblogic server is up and running, still not bale to access the localhost console.

      On deployment i get "Error Finding SOA configured servers to deploy archive ". Any leads on these is appreciable.


  5. Hello Kumar,

    I too was facing the same issue, though i have unchecked the proxy settings, i was facing the issue, to resolve this you can turn off your firewall agent and Security agent, I should work then.


  6. Hi Satya,

    Error finding SOA configured servers to deploy archive. Deployment cannot continue.

    javax.naming.communicationexception root exception is

    I have checked the apps server connection it works fine and even the proxy server setting every thing looks good, but still i get this error . can you please on this?


    1. Santosh,

      Check the AdminServer & SOA server listen address in weblogic console. If it is configured with a different hostname, you may want to modify it. If it is blank, update the hostname values, save and restart the managed servers.

      Then try to establish connection from your JDev. Let me know how it goes.