Sunday, January 29, 2012

BPM 11g complex human task MDSException

Oracle BPM 11g offers 'complex' user tasks which are helpful in defining complex user tasks - for instance dynamically define participant list using business rules. This is all fine. However, while compiling the BPM process where complex user task builds participant list using business rules, we might stumble upon a compilation error;

Error: BPM-71504: Unexpected error parsing ‘oramds:///soa/shared/workflow/TaskEvidenceService.xsd’.  Cause: oracle.mds.exception.MDSException: MDS-00054: The file to be loaded oramds:/soa/shared/workflow/TaskEvidenceService.xsd does not exist..  Action: Verify that file is valid and accessible

This is a known issue as the process is unable to read the workflow related schemas' from MDS repository. This is due to the fact that there are additional slashes added to the oramds url at design time. The fix is to manually remove them from the XSD files created. Open the generated XSD files in the BPM project and ensure that additional slashes are removed from the schema imports.

oramds:///soa/shared/workflow/TaskEvidenceService.xsd should read as oramds:/soa/shared/workflow/TaskEvidenceService.xsd [2 additional slashes must be removed manually].

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