Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BPM 11g User Task (worklist) UI hostname config

Sometimes when you deploy the BPM 11g process along with the associated ADF UI projects, you could notice that the ADF task forms when accessed at run-time pickup the hostname by default that is configured during the SOA install. At times this hostname need not be the desired one to use and an alias hostname would be preffered. To resolve this issue, there are two options;

1. Login to EM console -> Choose the BPM process -> Scroll down to the 'Component Metrics' section -> Click on the appropriate user tasks -> update the hostname -> Apply.

2. In JDeveloper, open the ADF UI project and update the hostname, port under the hwtaskflow.xml file (This file is available under the 'Application Sources' section.

If you want to carry forward same hostname across environments go for the second approach as it overrides the default hostname during deployment stage.