Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oracle B2B Inbound Outbound Testing

I just thought that I would note down the steps for performing the B2B inbound and outbound transaction testing using the Oracle B2B gateway.

For inbound transactions, perform the following;

1. Create a host trading partner
2. Create a external trading partner
3. Go to Administration and create a listening channel - Note that the listening channel configured here (For example a folder in the file system) is meant for inbound transactions where Oracle B2B would listen and pickup the files
4. Create a trading partner agreement at the external trading partner level by providing the document definition and channel details
5. After all these configurations, place a file (valid against the document definition) on the listening channel which would be picked up by the B2B engine and would be sent to the trading partner (depending on the contract established under the trading partner agreement) on appropriate channel. Important to note here that the file should have the following naming convention;


For testing outbound transactions;

1. Configure the channel details under the trading partner level (Channel tab). This would be the channel where the resulting file would be sent/written to
2. Disable the 'Translate' option under the trading partner agreement as we are not intending to translate the format of the file for simulating/testing outbound transactions. This option can be enabled if we are processing the file contents through the SOA layer
3. Go to Administration -> Listening Channel -> create a separate listening channel where you want the file to be read for outbound and check the 'Internal' option under the 'Channel Attributes' section - This will ensure and notify B2B gateway that the channel is configured for outbound transactions
4. Ensure that the file naming conventions for testing outbound transactions are as follows;


5. Now, place the sample file with the above naming conventions on the listening channel configured above (step 3) which would simulate the outbound transactions and write/send the file to the trading partner channel


  1. You missed the important part of certificates and also the EM properties that needs to be set before you start your testing to get better performance.

    1. Thanks for your comments. It would be a great help for the blog/community readers if you can detail what was missing. Because, to the best of my knowledge on this subject the steps detailed worked fine.

  2. Hi This is santhosh, if you made any documentation on inbound and outbound b2b, can you please share with me it would be great help for me, my mail id is, and am very new to this SOA platform, earlier i used to work on OAF stuff. please help me to work on b2b.

  3. Hi Sathya,
    I am very new to B2B.
    Are you sure we will need to create a listening channel for outbound as well??

    1. This blog post was about testing the B2B inbound & outbound. In this case, we defined the listening channel to test the B2B outbound.

  4. Hi Satya,

    Your blog is very helpful. I am new to B2B and just started a POC ( with OUTBOUND file transfer). Irrespective of set ups in B2B console witj Partners, document, channels and agreement , i am facing an issue of file not being transfered to remote partner as needed. But file is being picked (or polled) from host. Also Application Message (Under reports) say message complete. can you share your email id to me? i can send the screen shots. my email id is :


  5. Hi Sathya,
    its a nice described here for the above.
    can u please share some important docs to me over
    as i am new in this b2b concept.
    it wil be helpful if u do a mail.
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Srinanda,

      You can find the latest Oracle B2B documentation here:

  6. HI Sathya,

    I had following doubt about outbound transfer of files using B2B 11g:
    1. Does Listening channel first archive the file & then process it to target?
    2. Or, does it first process it to target and then archive it?
    3. Or, are the 2 processes(file archival at source by LC & processing file to target) independent of each other?