Saturday, June 22, 2013

BPM Composer Web Form Creation

Web Forms are one of the most anticipated features delivered as part of the latest Oracle BPM PS6 release ( What is so special about it? Well, until PS5 Oracle BPM supported only one form of human task UI development - the out of the box ADF style of development which required the use of Oracle JDeveloper IDE and in complex scenarios invariably required the help of IT dept.

Starting PS6, Oracle BPM supports Web Forms which is a welcome feature especially for business analysts/process owners who have very high business process knowledge but little IT/development. Oracle BPM PS6 allows business users to create & implement a complete end-to-end business process (including user task UIs) from a blank canvas via their web browsers.

However, while trying to create a web form from BPM composer, you may encounter the following error;

Error getting form: OrderProcessForm
Caused by: Could not instantiate form: got wrong status=500

This is just a configuration issue which can be resolved in a jiffy.

Just make a note of the fully qualified machine hostname where BPM PS6 is installed.
For eg.,

1. Login to WebLogic console []
2. Expand Environment and choose Servers from the "Domain Structure" panel

3. Click on the managed server where SOA/BPM is installed from the list of servers [Generally, soa_server1 on port 8001]
4. In the "Settings for soa_server1" page, choose "Protocols" tab from top menu & "HTTP" tab in the sub menu bar [You can update this for all servers to keep the URLs uniform]
5. Update the "Frontend Host" entry with the fully qualified machine hostname

Now, login to BPM composer and try to create/access your webform and it must be rendered properly.
Note that you must always access all server URLs using the fully qualified hostname


  1. Hi. What is the recommended browser to use the BPM Composer? Did you also experienced many bugs in the product while trying to create a simple process from BPM Composer? Did the "data first" approach to create webforms worked for you? Thanks.

    1. I prefer to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers for a better experience. Can you please elaborate the "product bugs" that you are talking about? - Generally, the product is stable. Yes, I have tried both top-down (form first) and bottom-up (data first) approaches and it works great. Let me know.

    2. Hi. Thanks. I experienced some problems trying to use the data first approach. The data source palette does not get filled with the related payload. I made it work by creating first the data object and human task in JDeveloper first, but not by starting from scratch in composer. Also had problems saving webforms, after the "saving" legend finishes, all my webform contents disappear and I had to recreate it from scratch. That's why I asked, because I wanted to know if my development environment is ok.

    3. Hi Matias,

      Not sure if you created business object for your payload before attempting to create a data object (same as you do in JDeveloper) based development.
      The webform disappearing problem is something related to the "time-out" factor in Oracle BPM composer. This has been identified as an issue. But for now, you will have to save your stuff during webform creation frequently (probably every couple of minutes). Let me know how things are apart from this.

      Appreciate your feedback.

  2. I'm getting same error when ever try to delete the already created web form in bpm 12c