Thursday, November 14, 2013

Testing SOA 11g based HTTP REST services (Resolving Invalid Query String Error)

When a SOA 11g service is exposed as a HTTP service (using HTTP Binding adapter), it can be easily tested through Enterprise Manager (EM) console. Refer here to find out more on how to build/consume/trigger HTTP based REST services in SOA 11g.

However, the purpose of exposing the service accessible via HTTP standard is to ensure it can be directly consumed over a browser.

Typically for a HTTP-GET service, parameters (if any) to the service are passed as query strings (name-value pairs).

From the EM console, HTTP Endpoint for the deployed service can be obtained.

But just invoking the service endpoint via browser along with query string throws the following exception;
 "Invalid Query String"

To resolve this issue, pass the "operationName" query string (mandatory parameter) along.

For eg., if your current endpoint looks like:


Modify this to:


Here operation name value is the operation name that was specified during the HTTP Binding adapter creation. By default operation name defaults to "Request-Response".

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