Saturday, February 8, 2014

BPM Workspace/Composer Login Error ORABPEL-10585

If you are facing trouble logging into BPM workspace or composer, this post could help save you some time.

First check if the error message in your SOA managed server diagnostic log after the failed login is the following; Operation exception.
at oracle.bpm.papi.ora.mgr.OrganizationManager.lookupParticipant(
at oracle.bpm.papi.ora.mgr.OrganizationManager.lookupParticipant(
Caused by: fuego.papi.OperationException: Operation exception.
... 69 more
Caused by: ORABPEL-10585

Service error.
Internal Error; Service error occurs in IdentityService in method lookupUser.
Refer to the log file that is configured for for more details on this error and contact Oracle Support Services

If this is not the error in your logs, you may look at the blog post here for other options to see if that helps resolve your problem.

Now, let us look at the fix.

1. Login to the EM (Enterprise Manager) console
2. Expand SOA and Right click on soa-infra
3. Goto Administration -> System MBean Browser
4. Minimize the tree structure (com.bea) to view Application Defined MBeans section
5. Expand -
> Server:SOAServerName -> SoaInfraConfig
6. Select soa-infra
7. Update the property ServerURL with a valid URL [Ensure that the hostname here matches your environment hostname. Tip: It should be same as the front end host]

eg., http://hostname:port
8. Click on Apply

Restart your SOA managed server. You should now be able to successfully login to your BPM Workspace or Composer