Thursday, September 8, 2016

Learner Series: SOA 12c Share Resources easily using MDS

SOA 12c has simplified the way developers leverage the MDS capabilities.

Developers still have the 11g way of deploying "SOA Bundle" archives to MDS described here.
But if you are on SOA 12c, you get a simpler option.

Once you install SOA 12c quickstart, you get a file-based SOA DesignTime MDS Repository by default. You can choose where to host your MDS root.

Under the Resources window in JDeveloper, expand SOA-MDS IDE connection. You must have a default SOA_DesignTimeRepository. Go to properties and set your MDS root folder.

You can copy your resources that you want to reuse/share to your MDS root folder and reference them within your SOA composite by using the oramds:/ protocol. eg., oramds:/apps/xsd/employee.xsd

Now to create a runtime MDS repository, first create a DB MDS connection to your SOA instance using your prefix_MDS schema [prefix is what you specified during RCU config].

From the Resources window -> IDE connection panel, right click SOA-MDS and create a new SOA-MDS connection. Provide a unique connection name, choose Connection type as "DB Based MDS", select the MDS connection created above and choose the "soa-infra" partition.

Note: SOA quickstart by default uses Java derby database (no DB MDS capabilities). You must either have a compact domain installation or a full-fledged SOA installation (your staging / test / production server).

To deploy the design time MDS (file-based) resources to DB based runtime MDS repository, right click on the design time repository and choose Transfer. The wizard will prompt you for the runtime MDS to which the resources must be transferred to. Choose the resources you need to transfer and your DB MDS connection and click on Transfer.

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