Monday, November 7, 2016

Process Cloud Service (PCS) Integration Options

Process is ubiquitous - be it SaaS process extensions, automation of a manual process, gain visibility into a process or just eliminating human errors.

With fully visual, browser based, no IDE platform that runs on the cloud, Process Cloud Service lends itself as a simple yet powerful tool to citizen developers and LOB users alike, to raidly automate their business processes with little to no dependency on IT/DevOps. Cloud platform (PaaS) offerings such as Process Cloud Service and Integration Cloud Service enable modern enterprises leveraging a range of SaaS applications to extend, automate and integrate back with on-prem systems.

Outside of its own instance data, business processes also need data from external data sources. Process Cloud Service offers 3 options to seamlessly integrate with external systems / services;

3) ICS (Integration Cloud Service)

To invoke or call external services using a Service Activity within a business process, we must first create a connector - available under the Integrations section in your process composer.

Out of the box, Process Cloud Service allows connectivity to external services through SOAP / REST protocols. For any other type of integration - for eg., Database, File, Oracle/3rd party apps, you have 2 options;

1) Expose them as SOAP/REST APIs either through a middle tier or using natively available options (eg., APEX ORDS for Database) and call them directly from PCS
2) Use Integration Cloud Service (ICS) to quickly interface your target data source as SOAP/REST using a range of technology, application and SaaS adapters


With this integration option, you can connect to any SOAP web service that is accessible over internet. You have options to either upload a WSDL definition or use a SOAP URL directly.
If you are using URL, notice that all the referenced schema (XSD) files are also imported automatically.

You also have an option to configure the "Read Timeout", "Connection Timeout" and WS-Security parameters for the service.


Process Cloud Service offers extensive support to integrate and connect to REST APIs. Intuitive wizard guides through configuration of REST based services including various HTTP verbs, resources and request-response payloads.

3) ICS Integration

Process Cloud Service (PCS) provides tight-integration to Integration Cloud Service (ICS) among other PaaS / IaaS services such as Documents Cloud Service, Business Intelligence Cloud Service, Storage Cloud and Notification Service.

All it requires is a one-time configuration in PCS workspace and while modeling a process, the service connector display all ICS integrations to choose from.

With all these different integration options, Process Cloud Service not only delivers rapid process automation but also offers extensive connectivity to external systems and services.